Keita: 17 year old male who is losing his grip on reality. Easily taken advantage of, Keita has been used and abused throughout most of his life. Living at home he finds himself suffering under the harsh conditions, and at school it is no different. Keita, sweet at heart, is lost in a spiral of suffering and sorrow and cannot find his way out.

Takuya: 18 year old male with a complete apathetic view on life. Takyua from a young age has been lost in confusion as to what makes him truly happy. Still as he becomes a young adult realizes he couldn't give two shits about life or even socializing for that matter. As he grows he slowly learns more about himself; i.e his sexuality and appreciation towards life and the aspects of it.

Itsuki: 19 year old male with an ego. Arrogant and possessive, Itsuki finds himself desperate to hold on to things he can not have. He shows his affection through violence and dominance with complete disregard to the one he is taking advantage of. He soon finds a strange attraction to Keita and makes his move.

Yuriko: 17 year old female who goes with the flow. Yuriko, not a very important character, is that of any other girl her age. She makes her decisions based on the popular majority and has no sense of self. She often likes to express her love sexually rather than emotionally. Record amount of boyfriends in one month counted 8.

Akihiro: 17 year old male with a big mouth. Akihiro, Takuya's ex boyfriend knows Takuya's big secret; his true sexuality. That's right folks, HAMASEX (i.e homosexual). Akihiro is a kind warm hearted person who would go out of his way to help someone. He is also probably the biggest gossip queen in the school. Any information needed from the student body essentially comes from this guy.

Jun: 19 year old male. Jun, the class president has the reputation of class asshole. He is always stressed and irritated from work. Very straight forward and direct, he takes his job as president seriously. He is not found of Akihiro, his younger class man who constantly sexually harasses him. Secretly he has a love that he hope to keep unrevealed.